Elodie Pasquier




Label: Laborie Jazz
Distribution in France: Socadisc
Release date: September 08, 2017

How can a musical work have so much resonance in the expression of a soul, of such a deep personality? Even though Elodie Pasquier presents and displays her personal universe, immediately identifiable from the first notes, her travel can also be ours with her joy, her tears, her cries… everything is there in a life course that has deepened over time and asserts today an immense talent.
“Mona” is not a 1st album, it is an evidence of time, of its sweetness, wrinkles, cracks, happiness, where everything begins, stops and starts again. The quintet IS “Mona”, a solid sound that evolves, moves, spreads and exults. A perfect harmony that has these so communicative and palpable freshness and sincerity.

Elodie Pasquier - Mona