Voice Letter

Label: Asphalt Tango - CD-ATR 1407
Distribution in France: Abeille Musique
Release date: January 31, 2008

These 6 Berlin-based musicians spent a large proportion of their lives in the USSR - that mythical and legendary place beyond the iron stage curtain . Several band members have already caused a sensation in the Moscow underground scene. They immigrated to Berlin at the beginning of the nineties and have been enriching the Russian diaspora with various musical projects ever since. The multifaceted artist Irina Doubrovskaja founded ErsatzMusika in 2006, also writing the songs and lyrics for their debut album. Despite their distance from dub, urban folk, world, minimalism and balladeering, ErsatzMusika’s music proves strangely familiar to audiences of these musical strains.

ErsatzMusika - Voice Letter