Marc Sarrazy - Laurent Rochelle


This contrasting and playful dialogue between piano and reeds makes it possible to hear high level musicians who cultivate the quality of listening and pleasure of the play on original compositions, mixed with popular music, references to Erik Satie or Bela Bartok, in the same line of great improvisers of contemporary jazz. Notice to the curious!

Marc Sarrazy and Laurent Rochelle develop free music, based on listening, between writing and improvisations. A music that draws its strength also on the side of contemporary music, improvised music and jazz. An intense inventive music, willingly playing with repetitive forms and sometimes crossed by the lyrical flights of an unbridled saxophone.

Marc SARRAZY : piano, compositions
Laurent ROCHELLE : bass clarinet, soprano sax, compositions


Chansons pour l'oreille gauche

Label: Linoleum Records
Distribution in France: Les Allumés du Jazz
Release date: February 23, 2018

After Intranquillité published a few years ago, Chansons pour l’oreille gauche (Songs for the left ear) is the second album of the duo.
On this disc, the universes are multiple : Erik Satie and Debussy, as evidence, free-jazz squalls in the face, Béla Bartók hijacked (in “Bartok à la fenêtre (Bartok at the window)”), Ravel quoted in “Malcom Malkovich”, a Chopin’s melody in “Funeral Blues”, the spicy perfumes of South African jazz (“Voulévoulévouvouzélas?”)…
The music of the duo also embraces literature with his Baudelaire’s colours, a dark tribute to Antoine Volodine (“Paysage avant pendaison (Landscape before hanging)”) and his electroacoustic counterpart “Reflets dans un oeil mort (Reflections in a Dead Eye)”), another to Marguerite Duras (“L’homme assis dans le couloir (The Man Sitting in the Corridor)”). It is in fact very cinematographic : not only by its dantesque cover of the “Suspiria” composed by the Goblin group for the horrific masterpiece of Dario Argento, but because this music is powerfully generating images, between impressionism and expressionism.

Marc Sarrazy - Laurent Rochelle - Chansons pour l'oreille gauche