Quinteto El Después


Quinteto El Después presents a contemporary tango repertoire which consists almost entirely of compositions created for the ensemble. The two founding members, the Argentinians Victor Hugo Villena (bandoneon) and Alejandro Schwarz (guitar, compositions and arrangements), are very well known within the tango world and have surrounded themselves with premier league musicians: the violinist Cyril Garac, the pianist Ivo De Greef and the double bass player Bernard Lanaspèze.

Después = afterwards … El Después = the hereafter … Tango as a perpetual becoming. Quinteto El Despues, a group which started its collaboration some 8 years ago, is an encounter of five young and passionate musicians.

With performances at festivals across the globe (Buenos Aires, London, Paris, Zagreb, Copenhagen, Algiers, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, 2 tours of Japan, several tours of Germany…) they capitalise on their solid reputation as a live band. This results in a myriad of collaborations with tango dancers (Céline & Damian, Sergio & Gisela…), with singers (Haydée Alba, Sandra Rumolino, Anna Saeki) and a series of sold-out concerts of Piazzolla’s “Maria de Buenos Aires” at the Opera Sao Carlos in Lisbon with fado-star Misia – amongst others. The group is also featured in the BBC documentary “Las Rutas del Tango”.

A collaboration with French cellist Henri Demarquette premiered in April 2010. This sextet-formation tackles contemporary tangos and arrangements by Gustavo Beytelmann, Alejandro Schwarz and Astor Piazzolla.
A new Quinteto El Despues album, “Como un Tren”, produced in the Netherlands, will be on release in the course of 2012.