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Coup de Coeur

Posted August 11, 2016

OMAR SOSA’S 88 WELL-TUNED DRUMS is a documentary film on the life and music of Cuban-born pianist and composer Omar Sosa. The production is now complete and the director and his team now need money for graphic design, festival submissions, legal fees, marketing, and publicity. A crowdfunding campaign has been launched on Kickstarter to finish this wonderful project.

Posted July 29, 2016

The great French band La Caravane Passe, musically inspired by Eastern European, Gypsy and Spanish influences, which is enjoyed thoroughly by an international public, too, will be performing at two festivals in South Corea beginning of October: The world Music Festival in Seoul, followed by the Jarasum International Jazz festival (audience 200.000 !:))

Posted July 21, 2016

Following the release last April of the album “Si tu regardes” ((Linoleum/L’autre distribution), Laurent Rochelle Okidoki Quartet will perform four concerts at the Jazz in Marciac Festival on August 9 and 10.

Posted July 21, 2016

Three decades of DORO, the German lady rock star named “The Queen of Metal”, are captured on three DVDs released by the label Nuclear Blast and arriving on the charts in many countries, including France, the UK, Scandinavia – now on release in the USA; including a two-hour documentary that delivers deep insights behind the scenes and inside the heart of DORO. “Strong And Proud – 30 Years Of Rock And Metal”: a fantastic memory for everyone who has seen DORO live worldwide during her anniversary and a revelation for all fans of good, hard rock music and classy live performances laden with blood, sweat and tears.

Posted July 20, 2016

Victoires du Jazz (French annual Jazz Awards): Saxophonist/multi-instrumentalist and composer Sylvain Rifflet has just received one the three big awards of this important event for “Album of the Year”. His musically unclassifiable and fascinating “Mechanics” CD, released last autumn on Jazz Village/Harmonia Mundi, was awarded the No. 1.

© screenshot / Victoires du Jazz / France 3

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Posted January 13, 2015

The year 2015 will be a crucial one for music, for the artists and for the music business. Times are changing more and more quickly, and we all need to adapt, find new solutions, make new connections while pursuing our various musical passions. In France, like in many other countries, independent record companies and distributors are struggling, music publishers need to adapt to new systems at our SACEM society and need to try and make up for missing support for artists/authors/composers elsewhere; giving artistic advice, creating connections with other musicians, helping to find labels and... more