Fuji Satisfaction

Label: Piranha Musik - CDPIR 1998
Distribution in France: Nocturne
Release date: September 26, 2005

Adé Bantu’s musical collective Bantu is the “NiGerman Brotherhood Alliance Navigating Towards Unity”. A pioneer of the German Hip Hop movement, Adé is amongst the central figures that have shaped the genre as it can be heard in the country today.

Born to a German Mother and a Nigerian Father in England, relocated in Cologne/Germany in recent years, Bantu creates his spicy “AfroPean” stew, a natural blend of the most converse elements of both continents’ traditions. Drawing from his European and African forefathers’ roots and his experience of the African diaspora alike, he uses the variety of urban styles and sounds from R’n’B through Hip Hop to Ragga to contribute another facet to the soundtrack of a global Africa: profoundly rooted in Yoruba history yet on a par with Western production standards, deeply sensual yet utterly spiritual, thoroughly individual yet highly political.

Bantu - Fuji Satisfaction