Technology allows us a greater liberty while simultaneously blurring boundaries between musical genres. Blackjoy is a perfect example of this new confident generation of such artists . Raised with FM Rock, he discovered his passion for rhythm through Led Zeppelin, experimental tastes courtesy of Sonic Youth, with his obsession for chansons thanks to the Beatles. His discovery of the 3 first Herbie Hancock albums intoxicated him with modal jazz, acoustic sounds and a subtle mix of melodies and complex rhythms. His musical journey of self
discovery not complete without a sweet decent into black American music: jazz, soul, funk, techno, house and latterly disco. Being presenter for one of the first radio shows from the then emerging French Touch house movement on radio Campus Dijon, brought Jerome Caron, a.k.a Blackjoy, to meet the various effusive Parisian labels and to finally get his first music industry job as Bob Sinclair´s assistant at Yellow Productions in 98. A first “Untitled” EP out on the young Project Recordings label led Blackjoy to be a respected name in the international clubbing scene alongside fellow stalwarts MAW, Lil Louis, Phil Asher and Busy P. A second EP, “Moustache” out on Yellow productions in 2005 confirmed the disco orientation the young French producer had taken. Thereafter he quenched his melodic thirst, with the addition of core band members, bringing the line up to Thomas Naim on guitar, François Faure on keyboards and Guillaume Farley on electric bass.

His first album “Time” was released in 2007 on Project Recordings, mixed by Marlon Bois (Adrienne Pauly, Hugh Coltman, Seb Martel, M, and Spleen). The album welcomed the seasoned collaborators Sandra Nkaké, General Elektriks and Shawn Lee for a mixture of pop, chanson, funk, rock, and jazz-funk. “Headphone Drone” (feat. General Elektriks) was in steady rotation on Radio Nova for close to a year, in both its original and Blundetto reggae remix guises. UK house producer Phil Asher remixed “Metalbossa ” (feat. Sandra Nkaké), shaping a
groovy house sound for dance floors everywhere. Back in early 2010, Blackjoy recorded his latest album, resulting in the birth of the 48 minute love story : Erotis . Joined by Sandra Nkaké supplying feminine vocals and adept musical
spokesman Aqeel. Erotis is a disco album, an ode to dance, that resonates to the ripples of your mind. A pop record with funk accents, this second album will be available on vinyl and digital. The summer is hot, and Blackjoy makes it hotter.



Label: Lucien Entertainment
Distribution in France: Discograph
Release date: June 15, 2010

The album is a summer love story in 48 minutes and features songs with Aqeel and Sandra Nkaké.

Blackjoy - Erotis