Boban Markovic


Since 1961, the small town of Guca in Central Serbia has been the venue for the annual “Festival of Brass Music”, a competition to determine the best Brass musicians on Earth, attracting over 300.000 people every year. The Boban Markovic Orkestar used to be among the winners every time, receiving the “best orchestra” award in 2000 as well as “best trumpet” for the maestro himself in 2001 – his 5th personal win. Since then, Boban decided not to compete any more, but simply performs as an honoured guest. He’s the undisputed King of Balkan Brass music
Now he is honoured even further afield, reaching an international audience through his musical contributions to films by Emir Kusturica, and taking his frenetic and funky blend of Balkan and Gypsy roots touring around the globe, a guaranteed sensation at any wedding, open-air-festival, music academy, classical concert or impromptu street-party of your choice.

According to tradition, Boban officially handed over the Orkestar to his son and successor Marko, on his 18th birthday in 2006. Marko was given a trumpet as a toddler and started to receive lessons from Boban’s father when he was 9. At 13 he was in the studio for the first time, at 14 he joined Boban’s Orkestar. At 16 he became lead soloist and started arranging for the band. Now he is the featured soloist on Boban’s latest CD “The Promise”.
In 2006, Marko also appeared as the leading actor in the film “Gucha Distant Trumpet”, directed by Dusan Milic & produced by Emir Kusturica. Marko plays a young Romeo who falls in love with a Serbian Juliana as music and racial tensions intertwine in this dramatic Balkan epic.


Golden Horns

Label: Piranha
Distribution in France: L'Autre Distribution
Release date: April 01, 2012

One thing is clear: Markovic and his son and prized protégé Marko are the bomb in Balkan brass dance music. This compilation unites their best tracks selected by BalkanBeats expert and innovator DJ Robert Soko.
It portraits the unique story of a musical family and the outstanding relation between Father and Son, between legendary tradition and exciting future of Balkan Brass music. Boban’s decades of experience are now fired by Marko’s youthful , vibrant energy sustained by marathon practice sessions and a lifetime spent with dad on stage.

Boban Markovic - Golden Horns

Go Marko Go !

Label: Piranha
Release date: January 01, 2007

Promise fulfilled! Boban Markovic, the “King of Balkan Brass” is joined on this original PIRANHA release by his son Marko, upon his coming of age, for a dual reign supreme. The first Boban i Marko Markovic Orkester album with Marko given free rein in the studio, an opportunity he has seized with gusto. From the irresistible invitation of the opening Romanian dance through to the closing Russian romp through the Bubamara medley, it’s all systems go-go. Whether sipping cocktails in a Belgrade lounge bar, dazzling us with their dexterity inna big-band jazz stylee, soothing us with a soulful ballad or getting down on the funky disco dance-floor, the Orkestar are at home wherever they are. They’re still the best and most innovative Balkan brass band around and, with Marko at the wheel, they’re driving off in new directions, transporting the traditions to the world and bringing the world back home. Like father, like son.

Boban Markovic - Go Marko Go !

The Promise

Label: Piranha
Release date: January 01, 2005

Boban Markovic, the King of Gypsy brass bands, returns with a new album of original material accompanied by his son Marko, a 17-year old trumpet-blowing prodigy. Leading their orkestar from Vladicin Han in Serbia’s deep south, the Markovic’s music reflects the many sources that have shaped the Balkans and the Gypsies’ journey. Here the ancient meets the post-modern, blending everything to create an eerie, intuitive music that grooves like crazy. An original PIRANHA recording produced by Ben Mandelson & Rob Keyloch on location in Belgrade.

Boban Markovic - The Promise

Boban I Marko

Label: Piranha
Release date: January 01, 2003

Top 100 European Records 2003 of the World Music Charts Europe
Undoubtedly the greatest Gypsy Brass Band of the Balkans and probably beyond and to prove it they come festooned with awards. They’ve won so many at the most important brass band festival in the world, the Guca, that they don’t bother to compete any more. And they have won hearts further afield with their contributions to films of Emir Kusturica. “Boban I Marko” celebrates the arrival in the ranks of bandleader Boban’s son, Marko. Only 15 years old at the time of recording but already blasting forth a formidable reputation. Blow, Marko, Blow!

Boban Markovic - Boban I Marko

Live in Belgrade

Label: Piranha
Release date: January 01, 2002

Imagine twelve shining brass instruments blasting away, lead by a trumpet as rapturous as it is melancholic. Imagine the Balkanic fusion of the love of life with its inescapable sadness. Imagine Boban Marcovic, judged “best trumpet on Earth” at the legendary Guca festival in central Serbia, playing live in Belgrade. Now stop imagining – this is the real thing. “The loudest unamplified band you’ve ever heard”, laying down the funkiest Balkan grooves you’ve ever heard before an audience of delighted brass afficionados. Blow, Boban, Blow!

Boban Markovic - Live in Belgrade