Céline Bonacina


Céline Bonacina studied in Belfort, Besançon and Paris. She won numerous prizes for her saxophone playing and gained her first jazz experience in Parisian big bands. She worked with artists such as the Cuban pianist Omar Sosa and the saxophonist Andy Sheppard. Céline Bonacina’s debut album, Vue d’en Haut, was widely acclaimed by the French jazz press and its success lead to appearences at French jazz festivals. One of the most well known of these, Jazz á Vienne, voted her, in 2009, the winner of its Jazz Competition – the prize a festival performance in 2010 and production of her new album Way of Life.


Way Of Life

Label: Act Music
Distribution in France: Harmonia Mundi
Release date: June 17, 2010

To play with immense complexity whilst, at the same time, always maintaining the “grounding” in a strong groove with enthralling, almost danceable rhythms – this is the appeal and the emotion of the music on Way of Life. Bonacina acquired this musical ability particularly during her seven-year-stay on the French Réunion Island in the Indian Ocean and her contact with the music of this region. The driving funk of “Wake Up”, the Afrobeat pulse underlying “Ekena” and a bouncy dub and reggae “Course pour Suite” determine the rhythm of this album. When united to an irrepressible joyfulness in music making and energy the result is a refreshing renouncing of understatement at a time when a certain melancholy is creeping into jazz.

Céline Bonacina - Way Of Life