Chava Alberstein


Calling someone her country’s greatest singer would be a huge compliment to most performers.
In the case of Chava Alberstein, however, it only tells a small part of the story.
Alberstein is undoubtedly Israel’s most accomplished singer, having released nearly 50 recordings since the late 1960’s, many of them now gold or platinum. Alberstein is Israel; her development as an artist mirrors Israel’s development as a country; her growing pains are Israel’s growing pains. Alberstein and Israel are even the same age – both turn 50 – and they both share a tiny but powerful stature.

But Chava Alberstein sees herself as much as a singer of the world as just a singer of her beloved Israel.

This bittersweet tension between the national and the universal is most evident in all of her recordings. From tender love songs to defiant songs about peace and oppression. There are prayerful songs celebrating the beauty of the human form and more melancholy songs about loss, poverty, and solitude.

Alberstein has lately released “The Well”, an album of Yiddish poems she has transformed into folk songs, with the renowned klezmer group the Klezmatics.

Yiddish was the mother-tongue of Alberstein’s family in the small town in Szczecin, Poland, where Chava was born. Her family moved to Israel when Alberstein was only 4-years-old, but Chava says she has never totally lost the feeling of being a stranger.

Since the very first time she ever sang in public – a four-song set, which included songs in French, Spanish, Yiddish, and a gospel standard in English – Chava Alberstein has been a performer of “World Music.”

Chava has released more than 40 albums in Hebrew, six of which have been awarded the Kinor David prize, Israel’s Grammy. She has also released six albums in Yiddish, and an English album of standards ranging from Gershwin to Lennon and McCartney.
A dozen of the records have gone gold, six platinum, and one triple platinum.



Release date: March 29, 2007

Chava Alberstein - Lemele

Foreign Letters

Label: Naïve Records Y226 133
Distribution in France: Naïve
Release date: September 01, 2001

Chava Alberstein - Foreign Letters

Foreign Letters

Label: Rounder
Release date: January 01, 2001

Chava Alberstein - Foreign Letters

The Well

Label: Xenophile
Release date: September 15, 1998

The KIezmatics in their own way and Chava Alberstein, the First lady of Israeli Songs, in her own way, are trying throughout the years to combine traditional and classical materials with new ones. To give a modern, youthful expression to what was considered for many years almost antiques.
Both The Klezmatics and Chava Alberstein are artists of the present, very attentive to what is happening each and every moment in World Music, but who are also very connected with great love to their roots and to Jewish music
Chava in Israel and The Klezmatics in the USA try to re-define Jewish music, and make this music a lively, bubbly entity of the present. “The Well” is the summation of many meetings between Chava and The Klezmatics in festivals all over the world and includes 15 Yiddish poems, which were lately composed by Chava and arranged by The Klezmatics Producer Ben Mink, well known for his work in the pop world (K.D. Lang), was drawn to the project by the sense of a lack of artists currently working in Yiddish music The Grammy Award winner grew up with the Yiddish language and found parallels between himself, Alberstein and The Well.
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Chava Alberstein - The Well

The well

Label: Label Bleu
Release date: January 01, 1998

Chava Alberstein - The well