Darko Rundek


“We are trying to face the reality of a modern world in change and tension and reply to it with freedom and responsibility.”
Darko Rundek

In the mid nineties, when Yugoslavia broke into pieces, Darko Rundek packed his bags and headed for Paris. As singer and lyricist of the legendary New Wave band “Haustor”, he was a hero to his many fans. In Paris he had to start all over again.
From his new base in an outlying banlieu, he began writing music for theatre and over the next few years released two solo albums until during the making of a third album, “Ruke”, the Cargo Orkestar was born.

What began as a gathering of old and new friends quickly developed into a formidable creative unit, with each participant bringing their own special skills: Isabel, the French violinist with her wide experience of many musical worlds, who has worked with theatre director Peter Brook and Nina Simone; the electronic musician Vedran Peternel, with whom Darko Rundek broadcast radio transmissions to the main land from a cargo ship in the Adriatic Sea during the dark years of civil war; video artist Biljana Tutorov, whose projections accompany the Cargo Orkestar’s concert performances; multi-instrumentalists Dani Pervan and Dusan Vrani?; the trumpeter Igor Pavlica, Darko Rundek’s old colleague from the “Haustor” days, plus Emmanuel Ferraz the French/Portuguese trombonist and the French double-bass player Bruno Arnal.

An international conglomeration making music of no fixed abode and carrying it across the borders in the hold of their imaginary rusty freighter: the Cargo Orkestar.


Live in Youth Cub - Belgrade

Label: Menart/Piranha Musik
Distribution in France: L'Autre Distribution
Release date: April 06, 2010

Darko Rundek, adventurer and cosmopolitan singer-songwriter-composer, was drawn from his home town Zagreb / Croatia to Paris during the civil war, where he gathered a new family around him: Cargo Orkestar. The French magazine Vibrations has called him a melange of d’Higelin, Gainsbourg, Bertrand Cantat and Bashung, the Daily Times put him in the category of post-modern troubadours like Tom Waits and Paulo Conte.
This album was recorded live on March 24th 2007 in Belgrade, during the promotional tour for MHM A-HA OH YEAH DA-DA. It is peppered with songs from various periods of his work, arranged by Cargo.
Live in Belgrade serves as the living proof that Darko Rundek, ex-frontman of the legendary new wave rock band Haustor in ex-Yugoslavia, still enjoys a dedicated crowd of fans in the Balkans. Though Rundek is not a great fan of live recordings, he could not but agree to the release of this album because it has captured such a special concert full of magic and brilliance.
Experience the extraordinary world of Darko Rundek and his musical poetry together with the beautiful and virtuosic performance of his Cargo Orkestar in an outstanding live show that celebrates music from the Balkans, Central Europe and the Mediterranean area as well as reggae and even Latin American music.

Darko Rundek - Live in Youth Cub - Belgrade


Label: Piranha Musik - CD-PIR2005
Distribution in France: Nocturne
Release date: May 27, 2006

The new album by the Cargo Orkestar carries the ambiguous title “Mhm A-ha Oh Yeah Da-Da”. “Da” in almost all Slavic languages means as much as “Yes” and a reference to the multilingualism of the album, but also an allusion to the danger of the loss of language in global communication.

U-Bahn abducts the listener into the labyrinth of the Berlin metro net. Slick Senorita follows. The song is a burlesque about tourism in southern countries from the vantage point of the natives. The ballad 12 ptica conjures images of a sunken parallel world, a different dimension, and the ghost lighting. Sensimilija (Jeff the Gratefull) tells of the loneliness which sometimes can be hidden behind a demonstratively worn complacence. Zvuk oluje, evokes the echoes of the Yugoslav civil war. The dramatic Highlander hawks the romantic story of a young man from the South who grew up as an orphan in the North, while the hysteric Wanadoo tells about Internet mania and the unscrupulousness of the online business. The passionate and snotty bar chanson Ne okreći se in turn is about the break up of a relationship, which might have happened anywhere in the Balkans. And the song with the German woman’s name Helga tells about the love between a German and a foreigner on a rainy Berlin Avenue. Rain is also falling in Put u Sumrak. The title song reflects about the globalisation, greed and consumption society of our day and includes the brilliant lines “Babylon is where we belong”. Oh Yeah, Da-Da!

Darko Rundek - MHM A HA OH YEAH DA DA


Label: Piranha
Distribution in France: Night & Day
Release date: June 01, 2004

Darko Rundek hails from Zagreb/Croatia, and moved to Paris in the nineties. He is a trained theatre director and worked as well as an actor, theatre and film critic and as a radio director. As a rock-musician, singer and songwriter, he became frontman of the late cult band and “Haustor” and was one of the apostles of the new wave rock-revolution that took the former Yugoslavia by storm in the pre-war years. Darko composes music for stage, film and theatre. After 4 Haustor and 2 solo albums ‘Ruke’ comes as a result of a creative collaboration between the international members of the Cargo Orkestar based in Paris. Ruke is their first release on Piranha Records.

Darko Rundek - Ruke