Lorenzo Naccarato Trio


Founded in 2012 with Adrien Rodriguez and Benjamin Naud, Lorenzo Naccarato Trio gets known in Toulouse on the developing jazz scene and, from springboards to festivals, receives the public’s increasingly enthusiastic welcome.


Nova Rupta

Label: Laborie Jazz
Distribution in France: Socadisc
Release date: September 21, 2018

Lorenzo Naccarato returns, with his trio. His second opus, “Nova Rupta”, is worthy of the promises that had been raised by the first, in 2016. Better, the whole has matured. In cohesion. Without giving up a iota of what was already his power of seduction. Namely, it immediately disorientes the listener. Take him on a dreamlike journey.
An enchanted world – and enchanting. A music in movement. Kinetic, or kinematic. It offers a music in motion that seduces and disays.
(website Laborie Jazz)

Lorenzo Naccarato Trio - Nova Rupta

Lorenzo Naccarato Trio

Label: Laorie Jazz
Distribution in France: Socadisc
Release date: March 11, 2016

“What is always captivating about a composer is his ability to reflecct life, emotions and feelings through music, through his music. Once again, how surprsing it is to observe such mastery, such maturity and such complicity… in such a young person. Lorenzo Naccarato is passionate, an enthusiast of life, of space-time, of observation, of the stars and the cosmos, of beauty in its simplicity… rooted in an Italian culture and tradition rich in readings, colors, sonorities, he has chosen the foundations of his trio to make it just one block. The rhythms, the melodic lines, the breaks, everything is one and takes us into a stimulating listening, perfectly continuous.”
Jean-Michel Leygonie

Lorenzo Naccarato Trio - Lorenzo Naccarato Trio