Pierrick Pédron


The exceptionally skilled 42-year-old musician has been playing jazz professionally for a quarter of a century and has won the “Councours de la Defense” in France along with other prestigious awards, including the “Prix Django Reinhardt” and “Prix Boris Vian”. The three albums that he has released under his own name have received international acclaim and he is known as the major endorser of Selmer, by far the most important saxophone manufacturer in Europe. He has played with a host of famous French musicians like Baptiste Trotignon, Vincent Artaud and the Belmondo Brothers, as well as with US stars including Wynton Marsalis, Mulgrew Miller and Lewis Nash.



Label: ACT
Distribution in France: Harmonia Mundi
Release date: September 29, 2011

Nine dreams of a cheerleader are set to music on the album, each telling a different story, sometimes rather simply and concentrating on the melody, sometimes in a very expressionistic and dreamy manner – the various tracks depict nightmares, fantasies and memories, evoking different emotions for each. The only cover song of the album is “Miss Falk’s Dog” – a theme by Henry Mancini that captivated Pédron ever since he heard it on the soundtrack of an episode of the TV series “Colombo”.

Pierrick Pédron - Cheerleaders