Building from the blueprints of 1970’s Nigerian Afrobeat and American Funk and Soul, The Liberators have mixed the ideas from the new generation of African, Latino, European and Ashuri Australians and turned out some seriously heavy and unique grooves and melodies. This 10 piece powerhouse of groove was put together by Dojo Cuts guitarist and producer Nathan Aust in downtime between gigs and recording. The Liberators are Sydney based and have already rocked some of the best venues this Sydney has to offer, making lots of friends along the way. These vibrations even have bounce across the globe with worldwide radio play.

With a full-length album recorded and coming out on Record Kicks in March 2011, The Liberators have obviously gotten straight to business in the less than one year of being together. Guests on the album are Jojo Kuo (ex Fela Kuti / The Daktaris / Antibalas), Roxie Ray (Dojo Cuts) and Afro Moses, Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra vocalist and percussionist Amayo.